How To Make Homemade Iced Coffee for Cheap

February 3, 2017

How To Make Homemade Iced Coffee for Cheap

Homemade iced coffee is one of the most refreshing drinks, that you can prepare at home and serve ice cold. Drinking the usual hot coffee can become a boring habit, and we all want to try something new.
Fortunately, iced coffee is cheap, easy and quick to make. But, it can be a quite complicated process if it is your first time. There are tons of different approaches, and you should experience with different recipes to discover your favorite one.

Anyways, let’s cut to the chase.

Homemade Iced Coffee Recipe

I have chosen a pretty straightforward recipe, that doesn’t require any special equipment or other things that might be difficult to get your hands on.

1. Brew your coffee cold or hot

First off, you simply have to brew your ground coffee. I would suggest brewing it cold, but you should test both ways. Brewing the coffee hot and waiting for it to be cold afterwards usually tastes worse than brewing the coffee cold. It is up to you, if you want to brew a whole can or just one or two cups of coffee.
If you are in need of new coffee beans, then take a look at my reviews of the best coffee beans.
Feel free to use instant coffee instead.

2. Prepare and add the crushed ice

If you don’t have any ice in the freezer, then hurry up and prepare some.
You’ll want to crush the ice, but I don’t recommend crushing it too much. Just crush it till the pieces are approximately 1 inch wide. If you crush them to hundreds of pieces, it won’t be as enjoyable and it will melt way too fast.

3. Add suger and milk

These two elements are not necessary, but they are definitely highly recommended. I always put a bit of milk in my coffee. Not much, just a little bit.
If you brewed the coffee hot, the milk will also help making the coffee colder.
I strongly suggest adding sugar. It will improve the taste by a large margin, just like sugar always does.
You can also use syrup of any taste instead of sugar.

4. Add small snacks (Optional)

This step is optional, and I personally only add this step to the process, if I got some snacks just laying around.
I suggest using strawberries, raspberries, chocolate or whatever type of snack you are craving. Any type of snack can be used, you just have to experiment and improvise a bit.

5. Serve your cheap iced coffee!

Homemade Iced Coffee

Everything should be mixed together by now and ready to be served. Drink it with a straw to avoid getting all the crushed ice into your mouth. The recipe should’ve been really easy to follow and cheap to make, so I really hope you tried it out and liked it.
Enjoy your iced coffee!

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